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Empowering by Serving

TB clinicThe mission of Grains for Hope is to provide nutritional products and services to populations in need throughout the world while empowering youth to become universal learners and leaders; and ultimately to improve and enrich the quality of life for all persons.

Our mission and vision at Grains for Hope serve a dual purpose. Ultimately, our vision is to provide malnourished populations with the basic needs to improve their quality of life by providing nutritional resources including our grain products, processing equipment, and agricultural education.

Encouraging World Learners

GFH production runIn the process of achieving our goals, we work to include young minds, particularly high school students, in every aspect of our business to encourage them as world learners. Each of us has something to contribute, and this is what we share with year after year of high school students. Allowing these young people to participate in a civil endeavor of this magnitude has contributed many new ideas for our organization, as well as a new perspective on education and the future. Many students continue to study grain or food sciences, become community leaders, and live lives of increased awareness of the world in which they live.

We recognize that poverty, malnourishment, and underprivileged populations reach further and touch more lives than most of us can fathom. The global hunger crisis is an insurmountable puzzle that cannot be solved by one person, one organization, or even one generation. However, we are confident that by combining our resources and expertise, pieces of the hunger puzzle will fall into place.


We at Grains for Hope find ourselves feeling privileged that our nutritious, cost effective, and sustainable products have the capability to positively impact millions of people. We believe that our extruded grain products are one of the biggest pieces to solving the hunger puzzle.



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