Grains for Hope

Providing decision-making opportunities for tomorrow's leaders.


Who We Are

 Grains for Hope started as a problem solving exercise for high school students in Sabetha, Kansas. Today, it is a non-profit organization committed to providing populations in need with a great tasting, fortified grain product. Hard work, commitment, and fresh innovations have given us the motivation to continue to grow and help lessen the pang of hunger felt by many around the world. Every day, we are hard at work to make our mission become a reality. 

 Since 2006, Grains for Hope established itself as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded by three high school students and has since been responsible for the successful delivery of over 25 tons of fortified grain products to hungry women and children in Mozambique. All of this was possible only because of the donations of time, energy, and money from many charitable people and organizations. With the help of many local and national businesses, and the support of the entire Sabetha community, Grains for Hope continues to grow and expand into a reputable humanitarian organization. 

Grains for Hope Beginnings

 Grains for Hope began as an alternative to the traditional problem solving activities required by the state in all Kansas high schools. Sabetha High School students were presented with a new grain based product that had the capability to change the world for the better. At the request of instructors, students had to decide what country in the world would be best suited to receive this new food. Developing their own criteria and working together, the student population decided that Mozambique would be the perfect place to begin. 

 After the first year, Grains for Hope established itself as a school-wide project that included extensive nutritional research, marketing principles, and product management. Working with each other and local business professionals, Grains for Hope developed its mission and put a plan of action into effect. Product packaging was developed, product recipes were finalized, shipping details were completed and the first shipment of 1.5 tons was on its way to Maputo, Mozambique. 

Where We Are Going

Grains for Hope is working with a new group of tomorrow's leaders to determine the continuing direction of the organization. The current focus is on food insecurity in our own communities. A leadership academy held during  the summer of 2018 helped mentor youth leaders as they made decisions about the future path of Grains for Hope.